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Attorney Funding

Attorney Funding Overview

Attorney funding or a law firm loan requests must be a minimum of $100,000.  Smaller attorney loans may be considered on a case basis. 

Funding is non-recourse:  if the cases submitted for collateral all lose, no loan payback is required.

Attorneys/firms pledge their potential attorney fees from one or more pending cases as collateral for the advance(s).  LTV is capped at 20% of the anticipated attorney fees.

Attorneys/firms must have moderately good credit.  There is no minimum FICA score, however there should be no judgments, IRS liens, etc. against the law firm. 

Attorney Funding Pricing

Pricing for attorney funding or a law firm loan can vary greatly. It is more expensive than other avenues for capital, however, the basis for the higher pricing stems from the fact that investors are assuming 100% of the risk in funding which is secured only by the successful outcome of the case.

Pricing is similar to plaintiff funding (3% -4% per month, compounded monthly) and depends on the types of cases and the risk of those cases settling.  For example, auto accident cases usually receive a lower rate than medical malpractice cases or slip and fall cases due to liability reasons.

Often, pricing is based on a multiplier for a specific time period, instead of an accrued interest rate. The table below is an example of how attorney funding pricing may be calculated on a $100,000 attorney cash advance:

Term Multiplier Investment Recovery
0 to 6 months 1.4 $140,000
7 to 12 months 1.6  $160,000
12 to 18 months 2.4 $240,000
12 to 18 months 2.6 $260,000

Attorney Funding Application

Applying for an attorney funding loan with Excalibur Funding Programs gives you access to millions of dollars made available to our clients by large institutional funds. We understand the legal industry from the inside out since our team includes financial, business and legal professionals.

Call us at (800) 996-5340 to have a confidential discussion about your litigation loan needs.  You need submit only a one page application accompanied by the appropriate case documentation.


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